Pets Afloat

Pets Afloat

Cat on a Cheshire Cat Holiday. Even cats wear Life Jackets!
Cat on a Cheshire Cat Holiday. Even cats wear Life Jackets!

Cheshire Cat Narrowboat Holidays welcomes well behaved pets, and no additional charge is made for pets.  Please take note of the following advice

All pets brought on board must be either house trained or confined to a cage.

The Company accepts no responsibility for any loss, illness, or injury to any pet whilst on the boating holiday.  It is your responsibility to look after your pet carefully, and to clean up any mess they make. You will also be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage caused by your pet to the boat or its fittings and furnishings.


Canal holidays are ideal for most dogs, with plenty of safe, traffic-free walking.  Care should be taken to keep dogs on leads around locks, or near farm animals.

Please bring suitable feeding bowls, bedding and towels, poo scoop and bags. Dogs are not permitted to sit on bunks or beds, or to eat from the boat’s utensils.

Wet or muddy dogs should not be washed off in the boat’s shower cubicle, as this will block the drainage pump.

Most dogs fall or jump in the water at some stage, and are natural swimmers, but if you have any concerns about your dog’s abilities, it is possible to purchase a doggie buoyancy aid from chandleries, mail order or internet outlets.

If your dog is particularly nervous about engine noise and vibration, and the odd bang (everybody hits a lock gate at some stage!) the holiday may not be suitable for him/her.

External link – – for a great range of dog life jackets and travel accessories.


Unless your cat is very used to being confined, and to walking on a harness and lead, we do not advise bringing cats on canal holidays. They often find the noise and movement extremely stressful.  The risk of them jumping off the boat and disappearing is considerable, so they really need to be caged whilst the boat is underway.

It is not really practical to cruise with all the doors and hatches secured.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

SMALL hutches can be accommodated on the welldecks of all our boats.  Hutches cannot be taken inside the boats, and we do not allow rabbits and guinea pigs to run free on the floor.

Small Caged Pets

Small caged pets such as gerbils and mice, etc., can be accommodated on all our boats. There are no suitable inside spaces on Morning Cloud or Misty Dawn. Cages are permitted in the welldeck of these boats, but remember this is an open area.

The holiday is not suitable for bringing fish tanks, bowls etc, or exotic pets requiring heated accommodation.

If in doubt as to the suitability of bringing any pet, please ask first.